Multicultural Children’s books

My Divine Friends’

My Divine Friends’ is the first touch and feel book about Hindu Gods from , written by Manasa Gautam @nineyardjourney illustrated by Aarthi Uma @arty_illustrator. This book …
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P Is for Poppadoms

Written By Surishtha Sehgal and Kabir Sehgal (mom & son) & Illustrated – Hazel Ito Age Recommendation- 2.5 years and above. Its hard bound book with shiny …
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Pancakes to Parathas

As the title of book suggests this is simple book which tells about breakfast and how it varies according to taste buds of people around …
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My India

Written by Olivera Jankovska @olivija18 and illustrated by Sreejith. This book is published by Atlas Ink @myhomelandbooksAuthor has taken readers to journey across India sharing the beauty of …
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The Celebration Of Diwali

This book is narration of how Diwali festival (Hindu festival ) has originated . Author has conveyed the festival ancient story through grandfather’s narration to …
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Just Ask

Every human born in this world can’t actually decide/ predetermine on how perfect their body or their health or their mind to be. If that …
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Dev and Ollie – Kite Crazy

Dev and Ollie series Kite Crazy written by Shweta Agarwal @devandollie & illustrated by Somnath ChatterjeeStory is about Dev and his magical dream , with his bedtime …
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Celebrate Durga Puja with me!

‘Celebrate Dura Puja with me’ written by Shoumi Sen @fromthetoddlerdiariesbooks and illustrated by Abira Das @artofabira .In this book, author explains to children about the entire fun during Durga …
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Yasmin series

Written by Saadia Faruqi @saadiafaruqi, Illustrated by Hatem Aly Lovely heart warmth series involving key characters – Yasim, her Mama & Baba (dad). Author is sharing a lot …
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