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Every human born in this world can’t actually decide/ predetermine on how perfect their body or their health or their mind to be. If that the case why not to teach our kids to be with empathy with all human beings around. This is a must to read book for kids and even for grownups too!!

With things going around so much in the World. It’s high time that present grownups and little kids have to tone their habits, words, actions to be empathy to everyone around. Teaching empathy beings at home the words and actions which we practice passes to our kids.

This book is written by Sonia Sotomayor and illustrated by Rafael Lopez. In this book author shares everyday struggles of kids who are born different. She had shared ten stories of kids, about their illness struggles. She tells little humans to ask questions if they are curious to know about other kids around rather ignoring and leaving them alone. She tells not all are happy to answer them.

Author Sonia, shares her struggles as a kid being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when she was 7 years old.

Next is story about Rafael, a kid with asthma. He shares about his breathing difficulties and his need to use inhaler when needed.

Anthony, tells about his need to use wheel chair to go around. Madison shares his life with guide dog who helps him to travel safely as he is blind. He mentions on how he strengthens to use other five senses more focused.

Vijay, tells how he communicates which his hands and face through sign language. Bianca, tells about Dyslexia. She tells how hard she works to read and write. She tells about her love for imagination and art.

Jordan shares about his autism and his love for knowing things more. He mentions about his friend Tiana and tells each kid with autism has different characters.

Anh tells about her way of talking with stutter. That how she takes a longer time to express herself. Julia, shares about Tourette’s syndrome condition.

 How she makes wiggle or make sounds which she can’t control. Great for kids above ages 4.5 years and above.


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