My Divine Friends’

My Divine Friends’ is the first touch and feel book about Hindu Gods from , written by Manasa Gautam @nineyardjourney illustrated by Aarthi Uma @arty_illustrator. This book was one of the finalists in next generation Indie Book awards- 2020.

This cultural book has beautiful illustrations with sensory touch & feel, of Hindu- God & Goddess. Bright pictures of seven Hindu Gods and Goddess, with simple words explaining more about each God’s specialty  attracts babies & kids to enjoy reading aloud!

Introducing simple cultural books to kids at very early age helps them to connect to with roots (in this case Indian – Hindu roots). Not only Hinduism but teaching one’s own religion books will help kids getting connected with their roots always.

Great for kids from 18 months onwards – each page has unique sensory experience.

Can be purchased from:  Batani

or TokaShop – TokaBox

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