Hi all,

Glad to meet you in this Virtual World.

It’s me, Deepika of JournalsOfMomma. I hold Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

Having worked nearly 3 years in India as a software developer, I packed bags from my home country to USA after marriage. Being a first generation immigrant in dependent visa (H4 -visa), did extreme job search under cap – exempt H1-B eligibility which helped me to work in University Of Georgia of two years (Yes! without a Master’s degree in USA).

Later worked as consultant for six more months, then choose to stay at home after my daughter’s birth.

Becoming first time parents kept us on toes as we have sole responsibility in raising our daughter with no help from our immediate family (disadvantages of living away from home country). Transforming into mom gave me chance to explore craft again. I choose to be a self-trained crafter who gradually learnt & explored the art of making cloth books during my early stages of parenting my daughter. This ended up setting a small business venture – @creative_puppetz which is presently growing gradually.

With my staff help to make cloth books & additional free time gave me a chance to explore Instagram. This in turn gave me writing space to share my parenting journey. So here we are!

I believe children’s mind can create great difference for a better world for next generation.

Journals of Momma will always focus on helping to locate to right resources which can shape children’s mind positively. 

Thank you for stopping by. I share titbits of books we read, toys we explore, DIY activities & parenting journey as couple!