My India

Written by Olivera Jankovska @olivija18 and illustrated by Sreejith. This book is published by Atlas Ink @myhomelandbooks

Author has taken readers to journey across India sharing the beauty of nation from North to South – then East to West . Journey around India happens with little girl Iccha she shares the importance of nook and corner of the country.

From Flower markets (bazaars), she goes around Palaces, Temples / worship place of different religions, she matches around busy streets with yummy food stalls, enjoys Holi festival with Bhangra fun & enjoys her family feast. She goes around everywhere trying to solve a riddle! Did she get a chance to solve it?

Illustrations are so warm and bright, which brings the real colors of whole India inside this children’s book. Each and every special monument, food, game, practice inside India is highlighted beautifully in this book.

Bright colored Lorries (trailers), rickshaws & auto rickshaws where loved by VZ . We have agreed to travel in all the above vehicles when we go to India. This book is also available in boy character helping readers navigate around country. Also in Hindi version – widely spoken language across the country.


Great for kids above four years and above.

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