The Celebration Of Diwali

This book is narration of how Diwali festival (Hindu festival ) has originated . Author has conveyed the festival ancient story through grandfather’s narration to his grandkids. The story of Rama his kingdom and how he went to forest with his wife Sita and brother Laxman is narrated in simple words and pictures.

Their life in forest, how Sita was kidnapped & later how she was reunited with Lord Rama is beautifully presented. The portrayal of evil Raavan was done in simple way so kids will not be feared on seeing the pictures!!

This book is written by Shelly Garg @khaylotoys illustrated by Pooja Yadav & Rohit Banshkar.

Age Recommendations:  3 years and above. 

Illustrations are soft especially depiction of war scene great for kids young minds.

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