Celebrate Durga Puja with me!

‘Celebrate Dura Puja with me’ written by Shoumi Sen @fromthetoddlerdiariesbooks and illustrated by Abira Das @artofabira .

In this book, author explains to children about the entire fun during Durga Puja. Little girl Riya, with full of happiness and excitement tells the readers how Durga Puja is celebrated. She tells the reason why Durga Puja is celebrated. She tells how her family gets ready prior to Durga Puja, by doing a lot of shopping purchasing toys, gifts and new clothes.Durga Puja is celebrated for ten days and author explains kids about the fun and importance of each day.

Great for kids above age 4 and above to understand well about story and incidents connecting origin of festival.

The beautiful illustrations takes readers imagination directly to the pandals, mandri / temple, pandal ground and performance stage. The visuals are treat to little kids.Author has written the whole book in simple words for kids to read and relate easily. This book is a treasure for parents who want to stay connected with their roots and want to teach their kids about festivals.

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