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Leaf Talks Peace – Eternal Tree Books

Foreword by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. This book is written by Priya Kumari @priyakumariauthor tPublished by @eternaltreebooks and Illustrated by Anusha Santosh This book connects with Buddha’s thoughts, vision. Using Peepal leaf from Bodhi tree as a interpreter Author conveys meaningful message for adults & future global citizens who can work together to …

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easter bundle

Happy Resurrection Day – Happy Easter A day not only to focus on discussing Easter bunnies with kids but also to talk on important incidents on how faith begun. Sensory Texture Cube Illustrations on Easter from @digidesignhub_20. This illustrations is designed focusing the importance of the Easter Day. Baby Sensory Texture Cube – @creative_puppetz Books …

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Gobble You Up !

Published by Tara books @tara_books Concept and text Gita Wolf @cashew_cottage Illustrated by Sunita – artist from Meena tribe – used finger painting style Mandna for children’s book. Story of a cunning Jackal which ends up eating its own friend – Crane ! Is this act of Jackal left questioned ? How other animals reacted ? …

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