Gender Neutral Books for everyone’s home

Book 1 – Pink is For BoysBook 2 – Dolls and Trucks for everyone

Both books are written by Robb Pearlman @robbpearlman & illustrated by Eda Kaban @petiteturk

Pink is for Boys :
Author insists readers that no single color denotes a particular gender. With simple text in every page great impact is created in minds of young readers. Powerful illustrations in turn empowers authors thoughts!

Dolls and Trucks for everyone

A wonderful book which insists kids to be treated equally provided same set of toys, allow to explore different hobbies , sports & books. It’s not good to hide for any particular toy , stop exploring hobbies / sports – based on gender!

A reminder for every parent to not stick to any particular toy for kids based on gender. Providing various toys be it dolls or trucks or kitchen sets does not harm young minds ! Much needed books to be read by every adult & kids .
Must books for every school library so it’s assessed by every kid ! 

Also reading alone does not make difference until the thoughts are implemented.
Practice what done in home in turn is reflected in society. Until big changes done in a home one can’t expect a better world !

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