Mister Rogers – Gift of Music

Written by Donna Cangelosi @donnacangelosi2
Illustrated by Amanda Calatzis @amandacalatzis

Fred McFeely Rogers is a American national host , author , producer . He was the creator, showrunner, and host of the preschool television series Mister Roger’s Neighborhood , which ran from 1968 to 2001.

Author – Donna has come up with this biography of Mister Rogers in feel good way for kids to connect with life of Mister Rogers who created great impact among children.

As a lonely child with asthma condition Mister Rogers was bullied around and he focused his loneliness into the world of music , pushing his fingertips in piano & wrote his feelings as songs.

Young Rogers wanted to share his music with children around came up with the show – Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Through the power of Television his voice was heard to larger audience.

His songs were filled with emotions , talking about fears in children , broken marriages , about war and so on. He made sure to connect with children as much as he can. His words & music made kids feel special.

Illustrator , pictures has aligned with author’s words so kids can connect and see them being represented!

Gen Alpha kids can relate this book with ‘Daniel Tiger Neighborhood’ series as, it was inspired by events of Fred Rogers life – his Stripped Tiger Puppet.

“It’s a beautiful day in neighborhood’.

Thank you Pagestreetkids @pagestreetkids for sending us the review copy of this Legendary book. We loved reading about Fred Rogers life journey.


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