Get off the Camel

Meena favorite toy is camel but how she reacts when her parents get her a real one ? Is it possible to take real camel 🐪 every where Meena goes ? 

From school to park , in roads to supermarket camel when with Meena everywhere as she was riding on it always ! 
Meena was told to stop this behavior by her parents did she stop ? did she listen ? Was she troubling the camel also ? 
Finally she agreed to leave the camel in stable! 
You remember the cuddly camel toy in Meena’s home ? So what happened to it author excites readers with a surprise at end ☺️
Written by AH Benjamin & illustrated by @krishnabalashenoi Krishna Bala Shenoi. Author literally pulls reads with Meena’s journey and illustrations are vibrant helping readers to connect with this book.


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