Kalamata’s Kitchen books

The art of respecting and dining food from their culture & different culture has been magically portrayed in Kalamata’s Kitchen books.

Written by Sarah Thomas @sarahthomas & illustrated by Jo Kosmides Edwards @thejosho.With tag line – Travel the World without leaving your table! @kalamataskitchen

Kalamata and her alligator friend ( stuffed toy ) Al Dente take us with their food journey

Kalamata’s kitchen – The book shared about the fear which Kalamata has carrying her Indian food & how she over came the fears imagining they tasty food which she ate in her India vacation

Kalamata’s Kitchen – Taste buds in Harmony

Kalamata and her friends – Kyo , Dovie , Knox where practicing dance steps for talent show. They were not happy with the practices.
Did they get along ? How did they unite together?

How did Kyo’s Malaysian sweets helped them?

With school season back in swirl , book like this helps kids to understand the value of their native food , about food from different regions & respecting other’s food choices and have meal together with joy & happiness 😊

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