Self Love- Thoughts from Styling Expert Janiee Gandhi

Body Image…. what is that many ask me… it’s simple many say, some are amused that there is something like this, some are intrigued…

In layman terms, body image is what you think about your body when you look in the mirror or in your mind.

There are various explanations for it, lots of articles written about it and the media, fashion show organizers, models are taking a note of it nowadays.

Am going to share my personal experience, learnings, unlearning and responsibility as an Image consultant, as an influencer and more importantly as a mother.

Pregnancy is one time where I know most of my friends suffer from negative self-talk about their body, also talking about their bodies and weight is a part-time hobby amongst women.

I have had body image issues in my mid 20’s, my confidence was an all-time low and with the birth of my son, my body image went on dipping. People feel they are doing you a favour by telling you about how much weight you have gained, or that you cannot / should not wear a certain outfit, or that suggesting exercises and food for weight loss. All this and much more is body shaming if not done with the intent to gain a healthy fit body and not just a skinny one.

When I started out as an Image consultant and started working with women clients, is when I realized that most of the women irrespective of age suffer from negative body image.

Our self-body image should be a mirror of our thoughts… If you don’t respect yourselves, if you don’t love your selves, if you don’t follow a passion, you will be everything that others want you to be but yourself.

When this self – image is positive you feel positive about your physical body. Try and appreciate your body. Highlight the part of the body that you are proud of and camouflage the variation. Dress smartly and wisely. Our Image depends on how we are groomed. If you keep on the feeling, you don’t look good or you don’t dress smart, the other will sense your dip with confidence. This new year take a pledge to not be a part of fashion trend instead using the trend and styles that suit your body, roles & goals in life.

As Image consultants, influencers, role models for our kids, their friends, nieces, and nephews, it is our responsibility to bring about this change with every life we touch.  We work with various people and train people on body shape, on what colours to wear, what styles to invest in. Making them comfortable with their body should be our top priority.

To make styling personalized, based on your unique body code the below courses are a great step by step guide :

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To figure out for free, How to Know Your Unique Body Code, check out this link:

About Author:

Jainee Gandhi is a certified image Professional ( CIP ) has worked as a style curator , highly featured image consultant & sustainable style advocate for more than a decade.

She has coached more than 250 individuals , conducted corporate talks & workshops for leading firms / companies such as Whistling woods international, LinkedIn , Kotak Mahindra, HSBC , DBS and so on.

Apart from being an image consultant , she works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist.

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