types of Children’s Books

Cloth books 
Sensory Books 
Touch & Feel – Board books 
Board Books with thick pages insides 
Board books with paper insides
Flap Books – Thick insides 
Never ending books 
Interactive Books 
Paper books 
& so on ! 
So is it possible to buy so much ? 
Always remember to purchase mindfully. 
You can always borrow from library , look for local social media groups and small business stores for pre used books.
80 % books which I share in this page are the ones which we borrow from library, I buy pre loved books from local library sale ( pre pandemic) hoping to purchase more pre loved books 
Also used can search in thrift books for – pre used books.
Only 15 % which I share are the ones which is personal copy which we own! Most of our purchases from small business stores .

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