Bravo Anjali !

Author Sheetal Sheth @beneaththesheetz

Illustrated by Lucia Soto @luciasoto_com

Published by @mangoandmarigoldpress

Thank you Sailaja Joshi and team @mangoandmarigoldpress for including us in cover reveal of this wonderful book .

This is the second book featuring main character as Anjali   ( previous book ) in series is book titled ‘Always Anjali’ !


Anjali loves playing tabla but she is treated differently. Being the only girl in her tabla class, boys in her class were giving her a hard time. She was questioned & doubted about her love for playing tabla but she was persistent.

She did not listen to people who were telling her that she can’t perform tabla well!

She worked hard for contest. So what happened next ?

Did she succeed ?

Did she win all applauses?

What was her friend reaction after her solo tabla play ?
Great book much needed for kids to fight and stand up for themselves. Wish there was books like this when I was growing up !! A book which delivers a essential message that boys and girls are equal and should be treated the same way. 

Great book for everyone from ages 4 and above. Thank you @mangoandmarigoldpress for sending us review copies with a poster , badges and signed notes from Sheetal Sheth @beneaththesheetz

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