How our skin Sparkles

Written by @aditiwsingh @raisingworldchildren Aditi W Singh. Illustrated by – Illustrations Hub
Purchased from TokaBox @tokabox

Perfect book for kids to understand how their skin color works. Author with her strong thoughts has empowered little kids to stand up for themselves and to love their body as it is.  Comparison and body shaming is filled in this world no matter how much adults point out fellow adults don’t stop this process.

Body shaming and talking about skin color happens and adults insult kids as much as they can. Kids in turn pick this trick from adults , hence this cycle continues!! 

Aditi has empowered young kids with the facts on how one’s skin color really works. She has emphasized kids what is much important in this world and the impact every kid can make rather worrying about and feeling low about skin color.  Author with a back story of conversations of a mom and son has mentioned the discussions which happens in every house hold every other day. The comparison of skin color between siblings , with parents and questions asked by kids are endless. It’s much needed for parents to answer every question to raise empowered kids who can create a better world. A beautiful book which is much needed to be read for kids to make sure they love their body and insisting kids to focus on beautiful things which they can do around the world ! Perfect illustrations by Illustrations Hub has added mirrored thoughts of Author’s!

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