The Clever Tailor

Beautiful story about a tailor who loves his job stitches clothes for everyone around but left out without getting a chance to stitch clothes for his family.

Thinking about this situation he dresses up for a wedding which he is planning to attend. Wearing his old -faded Saafa ( turban ) he dresses up. At wedding he happens to be welcomed by new Saafa. His Kahanni ( story) goes forward on how he up-cycled this Saafa – fine cloth to his wife’s- Odhni ( scarf worn over head ). Then later as a Kurta for his son and as a gudiya ( doll ) for his daughter.

He later upcycled the fine piece of remaining cloth into Gulaab ( flower ) which decorated as their home until it finally wore out.
Author Srividhya Venkat has come up with this lovely book which tells kids and adults on the values of up cycling clothes . It’s totally fine to transform a cloth re – use.
I am happy that I am able to share my daughter on the benefits on re using and repurposing fabrics and we tend to practice at home.

Written by Srividya Venkat @srividhyavenkat

Illustrated by Nayantara Surendranath @pastelstew

Published by Kaaradi Tales @karaditales

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