Kamala & Maya’s Big Idea

Written by Meena Harris @meena and illustrated by 
Ana Ramirez Gonzalez @florecitasdelcamp 
Published by HarperCollins Publications @harpercollinsch 

An empowering book which tells the readers that their ideas may be mighty yet, if worked together with one goal in every’s minds it surly going to get succeeded! 

Written by Meena Harris @meena , this book contains the real life incidents narrated by her mom Maya Harris @mayaharris_ & 
VP Kamala Harris @kamalaharris ! 
Kamala & Maya got an idea to utilize the space available in the courtyard of their apartment to be utilized as an playground. But their landlord was not ready to invest money. 

Did they succeed? 

Was their playground dream came true ? 

Can kids create some difference? 

Yes ! They succeeded! 

This is a wonderful read for little readers to show that they can dream big , image wonders, add abundant of hard work and Yes – they can succeed in it.


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