The Big Book of Beasts

Books from @yuvalzommer has so much of nature and life in it. It’s a real treat to eyes! This book is written & illustrated by Yuval Zommer with help of  Beast -expert Barbara Taylor.

This vast, unique book is real source of information not only to kids but to parents also. It takes hours together with kids to explore the wonders hidden in this vast book. Nearly 19 different Beasts are discussed in this book. With the information ( varied illustrations ) of where each animal lives ( terrain) , what are plants/ floral in the region

This book is treat for kids from ages 3 and above. Author has provided the mystery puzzle print activity inside the book with its solutions provided in last page. 

Author has also shared a note on how beasts habitat are being hunted, how it’s terrain is being used by humans for cultivation and housing! And giving awareness to kids how to save the beasts before this habitat is completely destroyed!

Reading Yuval Zoomer books are like traveling into the jungle with the beautiful terrain around us with so much habitat around us !

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