Mammas in the Wild & Pappas in the Wild

From wild animals to sea animals , insects to reptiles / Amphibians then birds yes each living organisms exhibits parenting in their own way. Some give birth ( mammals ) while others guard their eggs & exhibit parenting until their younglings grow .

Maiden Author Vaishali @ammatoday & Illustrator Vaishnavi @makingwildpaper well know names in insta mommies community have captured parenting by animals and have published these two beautiful books. Yes lot of souls have reviewed these books  and  I am also joining the queue 

These books focus on parenting & how animals exhibit them. Please read content in the pictures to read the entire review.

The choice of words and the flow of writing is simple and interesting for little readers minds.

Illustrations are so elegant and soft tone for babies and young kids eyes. This helps little kids to connect with & love animals.

These board books are of high quality and every page is of perfect thickness so can survive in hands of babies .

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