A-z Animals & Life lessons from them

 This pandemic is teaching us how to live content life every minute, we were running around in faster pace earlier. And now things are different we are thinking & planning everyday , think how to be safe , take care of us & take care our kids to stay safe.

This pandemic has taught Humans that this world is not alone for Homo sapiens rather we are just small piece in Large Wide Ecosystem. Each Living Organisms in ecosystem are inter dependent on each other. So why not we learn from Animals ? Things we miss out ? Things which we fail to notice earlier. 

Snigdha Tondapu @snigdha_minibookworm has launched her maiden book last year with list of beautiful & wonderful things which we can learn from Animals. This book if perfect for all ages from four year onwards. This helps one to self realize where our focus is and how we can alter our day to day habits.


Author has listed animals – birds – insects – reptiles alphabetically and listed the best things which we can each animal. Learning about team work from Ants , self care from cat , being unique from Fox , being honest from Horse , being brave as a Lion , being mindful as Monkey , perseverance from Spider , importance of sleep & rest from Unau , being helpful like Vampire bats , being compassionate like Wolfs and so on. VZ loved reading & understanding the meaning of each quality. Author has written every act with simple examples which kids can understand and follow.

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