Gajapati Kulapati series

Author cum Illustror has attracted little readers with humorous illustrations & rhymic words which kids end-up repeating for days after reading these books.  Ashok Rajagopalan @ashokscape has created this series of books , reminding how elephants & humans understand each other and can love each other beautifully.

‘Gajapati Kulapati’ – tells about what happens when elephant catches cold 

Gajapati Kulapati – ‘Kalicha Kulicha’ – tells young readers what happens when elephant plays in mud.
Gajapati Kulapati – ‘Gurrburrrrrrooom!’ – in this book author tells what happens when elephant over eats.

VZ had fun reading and repeating the rhythmic words, ended up imagining having elephant as her playmate.
Published by Tulika publications @tulikabooks these books has been winner of International excellence awards -2019.

Elephants are being poached for their tusks – we had a serious discussion after reading these books. Swipe to know full story ! 

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