Where does my Poo Go?

Learning is not always knowing what’s in your school books. It’s knowing environment around, getting to know things create awareness and prepares a safe space for kids to face obstacles even if it’s much simple one !

Where Does my Poo Go?? Its is a non-fiction book written by Jo Lindley @archistrator published by DK publications @dkbooks.

This book shares reader on what really happens after poop is flushed from restroom/ toilets. Illustrations are so detailed and simple for kids to understand how sewage system works. Series of processing is involved for human waste disposal until the treated water is used for fuel for cooking, vehicles, also as power source of energy for homes & offices.

The left over – dark stuff which is rich in nutrients is used for manure for plants.
Also author has highlighted points on water cycle and its involvement in sewage system.

Books like this are much needed for kids, even adults to understand & educate on sewage system and their respect for sanitation workers without their involvement the whole process may crash!

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