Hindi – pad – screen free learning

We as parents try to buy very less electronic toys for VZ. When I saw this Hindi pad from @lingododo I wanted to buy for VZ. Being a non-Hindi speaking house hold felt this toy will be much useful for my little one to learn the language.

This light weight hand held device measuring around 18 cm * 23 cm which helps little hands to hold very easily and use.

This device comes with battery, chamber well secured with screws. Contains two volume controls and a centre button (gentle touch – starts the device)

The device has five modes for alphabets, numbers, music, colors and quiz mode.

Kids can switch in any of these five modes and then press buttons – each button has controls clearly mentioned as a Hindi letter / number / example- starting letter / colors / quiz mode.

 – >Numbers – counting from 1 to 50 then 55 to 100 ( 55,60,65 number range). Alphabets- Hindi alphabets with objects associated.

 -> Name of colors in Hindi

  -> Quiz mode has lot of questions and answers will be connected to any of the buttons / options present

  -> Also with this you have options for kids to listen to Slokas and Indian National Anthem.

This hand held device screen free option, with easy listening and repeating method for kids to observe and learn!

They have similar iPad – for Gujarati and Punjabi languages. They ship these toys worldwide.

Teaching this device working 3-4 times VZ understood the flow and now her favorite mode is music. She loves playing with this toy at-least 20 mins a day. This toy is great help for our car rides & travel time.


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