Say Something

Written by Peter H Reynolds  

The title cover of book embraces on how one should stop looking differences in each human being.
This book emphasis on how an individual should share their opinion and stand up for right – when and where in need.

The entire book highlights kids on how their voices are powerful & helpful people around, when they are in tough time. Author shares there are various ways for kids to express their thoughts. Creating a beautiful painting with positive thoughts, planting, writing ,talking with confidence, sharing in style helps. Sometimes mild whispers, gentle smile, waving gestures, sitting beside or listening other vent conversations too helps.

Standing for someone when they are in pain and be brave for them / support them. The illustrations and words perfectly blended helping kids to understand in a way better that how much their options and words are important, even it’s small it will be heard. It helps kids to understand how their opinions will create difference !

Also author clearly teaches kids that which ever way we try to express, individuals have to make sure to stick on to peaceful way! He adds that one’s voice will inspire, heal & transform!

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