The Adventures of the Pillow gang in “The Isle of the Towering Tree”

Fictional stories always have endless imaginations which builds curiosity in little kids mind. his in turn helps in inventions and innovations in later stages of life. And dreams have no boundaries so little minds imagine and create more.

This is a story of little Avery and his dream voyage to unknown destination. With simple words Author has navigated little readers into Avery’s dreams. Every night Avery goes to his dream land, he travels to unknown destinations with his pillows (his favorite three pillows – accompany with Avery). 

They travel together sailing long way! During the journey this team lands into mystery land where they anchor their ship. Hungry voyagers find a fruit tree, where they meet tree dwellers who welcome little voyagers with fruits. 

With full tummy and ship packed full with fruits, little voyagers sail back to bed before sun rises. Mom’s voice at home woke Avery from his dream land.

Good For Ages – 2.5 Years And Above


About Illustrator & Author:

Delzin @_crispydoodles_ with her illustrations has beautifully captured every frame of Avery’s room, his friends their voyage, island dwellers. Entire mood of this book is illustrated in calm colors which is a perfect bed time read for little dreamers. I received this book from Delzin the illustrator / publisher @_crispydoodles_ of this book and Author by Brian Melton 

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