A Bucket Of Blessings

Written By Surishtha Sehgal and Kabir Sehgal (@kabir.cc) (mom & son) and illustrations by Jing Jing Tsong.
This mom and son – children’s book writers create the feeling of empathy, hope and positive attitude in the young minds. We do discuss everywhere about the water scarcity in different locations of the world where human population lives! But man is trying to evade into the jungle where the wild animal habitat resides and alters their environment. Due to which even animals end up living without water for long period.

This book reminds the reads on situation of animals in softer tone. The main character of this book is a very hopeful monkey full of positive attitude thinking a lot for the betterment of village where himself and other animals reside. Monkey was very much desperate and he with his friends searched for water in nook and corner with no success. When filled in deep thoughts of childhood days, he remembers a story told by its mom and he thought why not to try out the same in present condition.

He did everything to make sure the village gets rain. Monkey convinced Peacock to dance, but peacock wanted water. Hopeful monkey wandered everywhere to give peacock what it needs to make sure it rains again!


This beautiful & meaningful story teaches young minds to approach tough situations in positive note so the success/ fruit of happiness is obtained with struggle. Writers also tell young minds that one can’t get success without struggle.

My daughter loved reading this book multiple times not sure she understands the in-depth meaning but she loved monkey, collecting water and made Peacock dance 

Age recommendations – for kids age 4 and above

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