Bindiya in India

Written by Monique Kamaria Chheda @mkchheda ; Illustrated by  Debasmita Dasgupta @debasmitadasgupta ; Published by Mango and Marigold @mangoandmarigoldpress press

This is story about Bindiya, a nine year old traveling to India to take part in her cousin’s wedding. Author has written how wedding takes place back in India, how family gathers and enjoys together! 

The illustrations are so vivid that little readers will start loving this book in first glance. Author, has carried the wedding vibes throughout the book which young readers can read, enjoy & connect.

VZ had a chance to witness few of my cousin’s wedding literally when she was around 6-7 months old. Hence she has no idea actually how wedding celebrations take place in India! We showed VZ our wedding video so that she can connect into family celebration mood.

Thank you Mango & Marigold @mangoandmarigoldpress team for including us during cover reveal and sending us the ‘Bindiya In India’ book.

Disclaimer: All above points mentioned is my individual opinion shared after reading the book with my daughter.


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