Hair Twins

Father and daughter bond is always special .

I had a chance to read this warm book written by Raakhee Mirchandani @raakstarwrites and illustrated by Holly Hatam @hollyhatamillustration. A book which break gender bias and reminding the bigger society to be humane and respect each one’s choice.
This book is inspired by real life characters for author’s husband and her daughter.
Being a family which which follows Sikh religion – custom and tradition they don’t cut their hair. Men wear turban and cover their head , when if they are in public.  

A book written from daughter’s point on how it loves her combing boon with her hair and in turn how she loves to watch her dad combing his hair and wear turban. She loves her long braids and enjoys flaunting then where ever she goes. She knows her papa is her hair twin.

A perfect book sharing about the love for father and daughter !
Book source – local library

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