Physical Copy Books Over E-Books

I often get questions from parents that whether how much one can afford to spend on children’s books.

Every home works with a budget in hand. So spending mindfully in books is much needed, this puts barrier which leads to the choice over e-books as it’s available easier. But as parents if we take some efforts we can create difference. Exploring the options of public and private libraries helps .

As I have lived across two countries I have listed options for India and USA

As of USA – County Library plays a vital role. Finding your local library and getting access is really easy.

For India:

Large City Libraries – If library is far from your home planning a visit monthly once to these libraries helps. Every library has online presence searching book and blocking saves a lot of time. They have monthly plans. If you are not finding details in their website calling their main office once before going to library gives you more information.

Sharing list of small lending libraries – reading space which I have found online. I have checked their Instagram handles and they have posted recently hence dm or email will help , if they don’t have a website.

@kidzalayalibrary – Mumbai
Kahaani Box Begur Road, Bangalore
ThinkBox – Bangalore @thinkboxblore
One Up library – New Delhi – @dalbirkmadan
Thereadingcaterpillar – Delhi – @thereadingcaterpillar
Books n More –
Secunderabad fb page – BnM preschool & Books More, library and activity centre
Little spark – Chennai – –
Fb page Little Spark
Trilogy – Mumbai @teltrilogy

Read & Return Free Library (RFL) has 63 branches across India 

These are few options which I found online. Also as parents doing your own research helps, finding library in your city or your town will help. Or purchasing books , rehoming and buying more also works. Searching for pre loved books in your Facebook groups or Instagram small business stores helps
A parent / caretaker can decide these options based one’s budget.
Remember kids are dependent on adults they enjoy physical books more than reading from ebooks . So parents / caregivers have the responsibility of finding right sources to explore the world of physical books.
Reading is important and the habit can be practiced from young age. Kids just copy / imitate which parents do , reading a loud with kids can help a great way to connect – communicate with kids. And lots of screen free time too !

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