Being an Author – An animator & illustrator-Devika Joglekar

I started Miheika Publications sheerly out of my passion for children’s picture books. 


I think illustrations play a huge part in children’s books. Illustrations and text, go hand in hand to create the story. Good illustrations always motivate children to read. When children start learning to read, illustrations help them to understand the context. Not only that, illustrations help them to visualize, learn and understand the scene, characters and themes introduced in the book. I strongly believe in illustrations as a learning tool.


I am a self taught artist. I have always aspired to create children’s book content and animations, which are fun to read and also inspire young minds to explore new things. 

Miheika Publications is focused on creating children’s content based on Indian characters and culture. Indian culture is vibrant, multi-faceted and diverse. I would love kids all over the world to know about our food, clothing, art, literature, yoga, Ayurveda as well as our rich heritage. 

We have published 15 children’s books including our Lilu series and Mimi & Soni book series. There are many more scheduled for release in 2021-2022.

About Author :

Devika Joglekar is an animator and illustrator. Her publishing house, Miheika Publications’ mission is to showcase the rich and vibrant Indian culture to kids around the world, through aesthetically illustrated children’s books.  

Originally from India, she now lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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