Children’s Museum Of Atlanta

Visited this place – during pre covid era.

eing in Atlanta GA, finally got a chance to visit Children’s museum this week with VZ. A perfect place for winter weather to keep kids indoor for 4-5 hours.( based on kids energy) .

It’s located in downtown Atlanta near to Coke factory well connected with Marta – train access. Yearly membership to this place will help to to save a lot bucks. The tickets are valid for a full day basics. Do pack your food – they allow outside food in Cafeteria. Vending machines are available. This place is great for babies from 12 months to kids upto 9 years of age.

I did not have chance to explore more on traveling exhibits. They do have story time, mini musical sessions, dance sessions going on every day. 

Kids above ages 5 can sign up for classes available in art studio. There is a build in lab focusing on woodworking and other making skills for kids ages 6 and above.

VZ had fun in loading and unloading delivery truck, playing in kitchen and cafe. She enjoyed a lot in loading her grocery cart and playing with animals in farm.

She loved exploring treehouse, playing in ball machine, moving around the continent table, and tried the climber! There are scientific activities in the upper deck. We missed spending more time in sand table, arts center, construction house, light energy and science bar. 

They have party halls available with different package prices. Atlanta residents don’t miss to explore Children’s museum with you kids!

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