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Today, if I had to look back at my journey of being a mompreuner, I don’t feel like bragging about my fancy 6-digit turnovers, I would rather talk about my sense of emptiness; my self-realization in getting to know me better as I forayed into this.

 If you ask me what was your greatest achievement in life, I think it was when I decided to listen to myself, a year before the pandemic was at its cruel-best and founded Vidhai.

I think that was the time when I stopped giving in to the noises around me; people who thought that a mom can never have a career, people who doubted my abilities to bounce back after all my health issues and most important of all was of my own mind: that doubted my agility and questioned the very purpose of my life.

I decided to start my venture Vidhai, a traditional wellness brand that aims to take you back to your  childhood days, where we ate and led a healthy life under the watchful eyes of our grandparents. 

I think it all started when I was trying to step back as a responsible mom and review my own lifestyle, as I felt like my child deserved the best in everything and realized how I actually lost my connection with my roots.

I thought what if we could plug the gap between today’s instant food lifestyle and forgotten values of tradition.

This very idea sowed the seeds for Vidhai and I think this clarity in thinking is what made us what we are today and yet stay relevant to this generation.

As they say, necessity is the mother of innovation and our every product is born out of some real-time problems. Like today, kids think all good things don’t taste good and our prodigies like Almond Choco mix & Moringa Curry Leaves powder, broke that mould, gratifying both the parents and kids, alike.

If you are looking at a perfect recipe as an entrepreneur, trust me there is never one and it’s always dynamic, as everyone’s journey is going to vary from others.

Also I wanted to confess, it was never an easy ride, customer complaints, marketing mess ups, delivery roadblocks and self-doubts do pop up every time when you make a step ahead, but, today I have become matured enough to embrace these negativity around, which I think actually helps me to grow.

One final lesson I would like to pass on to all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there is , it doesn’t matter what you do, all it matters is how you do and that’s going to define you as a person and create your identity.

About Author: 

I am  Harini Durairaj from a middle class background , was passionate to do something and achieve big. I am a foodie and strongly believe food has power to do with mind and body. In turn soul is happy when your tummy is happy. I completed  MSc bioinformatics but due to personal reasons was not able to pursue my PH.D. 

Pandemic sowed a seed in me to do something with food thats where I started VIDHAI. From sept 27, 2020 I started my journey it’s been a year.  I have more 3000 customers all over India and overseas and most of them where repeated customers it’s a huge journey.  My husband was my back bone and moral support in this journey

My vision is to know better about health,  to establish my brand overseas and build customers worldwide. 

People have to understand on health hazard caused by preservatives and how organic foods and sustainable living can change one’s life.

Also I am working on to provide  the products in affordable prices. Also I work on dubbing,  which I am much passionate since childhood.

Instagram Page : @soulfulvidhai



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