Quality time with kids – Covid Era

Below content was shared during early days of Covid – in 2020


I used get messages on how much time I engage my daughter. Whether its WFH mom or SAHM mom playing with kids a whole day is not possible, even kids will be overwhelmed!

Below are simple steps – can be tried with kids under 8 years: to keep them engaged independently

Clean kid’s toys and setup shelf – you really don’t need any fancy toys, you can make modifications for existing toy based on kids age too. (plan cleaning after kids sleep arrange things properly to your access – 3 to 4 hours’ time is needed at-lest based on toys you have old baby toys can be reused too – being night owl helps )

Looking for hidden toys in your house – missing pieces are sorting puzzles, building blocks etc. Arranging all for kids reach (don’t give too much or too less).

Different modes of material – printable (good ones can be laminated if you can), flash cards, lots of books (audio books can help for kids above 4 years) and simple puzzles based on age or you can do DIY puzzles too.



Their favorite toys – cars, truck, princess toys, kitchen set etc. Look search for materials online- parents really need to spend time for it (if printer not available, try to write down content in single note book and use it)

If you’re planning to invest in new toys don’t show the entire set rather give one toy at time – so kids will not be overwhelmed. (Search online read reviews well).

Rotating toys helps to large extent. Make sure crayons, color pencils, erasable markers are in reach to kids throughout the day. When to engage, in between the day kids will check with parents every now and then asking for new toy or some other favorite toy. Keep your foot strong and learn to tell ‘NO’ because if encouraged kids will expect something which is not given to them always.

In this internet world you have a lot of connectivity for virtual learning and resources use it when needed. Look for help in Pinterest, Facebook groups and Instagram- all are flooded with various choices!
On the whole – take simple steps which works for you and your kids so that kids don’t forget the basics when going back to school!


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