Feeling Content – Money value & Satisfaction

When my daughter was around 3 years old:


In this generation we parents try to buy the stuffs which our kids ask, then and there. Do they really feel happy or satisfied with what they have? Actually, it’s NO most of times! I struggle most of situations to make my daughter satisfied with what she has. Starting with ice cream or donuts or pizza she wants to be hands-full! Does she eat everything?

It’s a different story as she bites for her happiness and provides the remaining, left-overs for parents!
Avoiding shopping or car rides does not help always as hiding increases the feeling of desire in-turn leads to hyper behavior!

When my daughter was two she had the liking for escalator and elevators. Yeah the real liking we (as parents taking turns) do escalator and elevator trips may be 30-40 times in malls or stores & even wedding halls.

As she is growing, she slowly understands yet she cries out even now (for escalator & elevators) we take her once then it’s a big NO. Talking with 3 year old helps and works a lot!



Now she has craze for doll house; Disney toys and whatever she sees in mall. Taking her blindfolded, hiding, taking different routes inside mall, avoiding mall or shopping trips every time is not possible!

Taking her outside ends up with throwing tantrums & loud cries! We stay blindfolded.
We explain her about the cost & tell her that she already has same toy at home, she least listens!        (When she cries she stops hearing whatever we say) This is a phase which she will understand when she grows.

We can’t satisfy our children’s desire always. Buying cakes, chocolates, toys with cries & tantrums will in-turn impact their inner minds that they can achieve or buy their needs from parents easily by acting weird.

Start saying NO to multiple tantrums of your kids at very early age. Talking with them when they are in real good mood helps. They will not change their behavior in single day or week but they do change slowly.

 We parents can help the little humans during this process without beating or scolding them. Instead we can give time outs & ask them to think about their bad behavior! (Thinking chair helps)

I am not a perfect parent every day but I’m trying to learn from my mistakes not to repeat them in-order to have smooth day with my daughter. All above points can be achieved only when both parents are in same page.


At Five years :

Currently she understands money value at better extent.

During shopping at stores – be it dress or toys she understands that she has at home. We mention the price of every toy and dress which we purchase for her.

This helps she understands the word expensive sometimes will be happy to avoid purchasing or sometime she ends up buying a toy which is less than price which she has in hand.

Buying same toy – similar toy is always no , as she understands that she has similar replica at home. 

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