Animals and their skin prints

Toddlers love playing and learning a lot from animals. VZ loves all types of animals and so this activity
I have seen similar skin patterns flash cards and toys online. I tried replicating similar activity in felt fabric for VZ. I selected the online images of animals and transferred it to felt Fabric by iron on transfer. Then made skin patterns with different colored felt squares.
Used hot glue for sticking purpose.

This activity can be done in really simple way with animal toys available at home . Cut square of same size paper and use color pencils to create animal skin prints.

This is little different from 2 or 4 piece animal puzzle rather identify or find an animal with checking its skin color.

In this set I designed with 12 animals – 6 plain colors – skin prints and 6 with prints. This can be extended with more animals with different prints on them.

Great for ages two and above

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