Best Toys – Sharing about my experiences – under five years

0-6 years is an age, when kids’ have the brain capacity to learn maximum. Toys create a lot of influence in impacting child’s growth in proper path. We have to keep this in mind even when we purchase toys as gifts too!

I remember getting a lot of battery toys for my daughter’s first birthday. The plastic toys which produce loud sound or producing so much light for a baby of 12 month old who is not supposed to hear or see! I have keep few of them aside unused (not donating as these toys will harm other kids too) & few broke in first usage itself.

Children used to play with toys hours together the sound and lights create so much impact, companies which manufacture them flashy, because their sales will be best!! But we have to think before purchasing. If kid ask for a particular toy we can offer, another better toy which helps them to grow more / which helps in their development.

We have to keep above all points in mind not only when buying toys for our kids but even when we are gifting for others too!

A lot of educational toys are available in market, always make sure to compare the toys, check measurements of toys while purchasing online. Read the descriptions written about each toy and spend some ten mins online before buying any toy. (Reading reviews well)


If you go to a physical store make sure to read about that toy before buying. It’s always wise to invest in right toys rather than junk ones which end up breaking in one or two uses. These toys also creates much harm to kids as well as environment. Kids’ always play really rough so purchasing the quality ones is better always.

Less quality ones which are more in number creates overwhelming situation. Rather best quality and lesser in numbers helps kid’s mental and physical development in better way.

If you feel the particular toy is expensive then look for preowned ones in various online groups and selling apps. We need not buy anything to impress the society, rather fulfill kid’s needs!

I have seen people buying large size car for kids’ which is super expensive- such a toy is just as show off and kids end up learning nothing rather a great quality cycle will teach kid the particular art of pedaling. So always choose wisely!


Selecting the toys based on kids help them to master a particular level. Toy manufacturers usually specify the age category for each toy. It’s a limit which work in perfect way for 40%-50% kids. Some kids play /can understand toys ahead of their age where as some behind their age.


There is not thumb rule rather to go with numbers provided rather go with parentally instinct to purchase.



Baby Toys – upto 15 months:
These toys can be used initial year of baby early development of babies. High Contrast cards, Monochrome cloth books, Play gym, stand push type toys are good. Play gym mainly has mirror and few mild sound toys – which baby leg and hand hits and reaches.

Teether, Soft book, sitting toys (soft blocks) these toys should be more than enough to keep you babies occupied until 12-15 months with a lot of board books and flash cards.

Toys for kids between 15 months – 30 months:
This is more active stage where kids wander, explore and talk ! Building blocks ( wooden & plastic – each type one set ), activity cube ( if wooden works great ! ) peg boards ( make sure kids don’t walk on them as it’s sharp ), stacking rings / cups and one musical toy should do. These toys should help in fine motor skills. And more important reading, talking , listening to music will help a lot at any stage of development.


Toys for kids between 3 – 5 years:
This is a stage where kids start understanding lot. Most start their school so time spend in home is reduced to lot extent. So the min amount spend at home can be done in great way.

Puzzles –
pre used and rotating helps a lot, pattern toys 3-4 varieties should be good, any brand magnetic tiles / block ( Stem toy ), any brand sensory / Montessori board , and lot of animals, sea animals and birds miniatures ( these are available in plastics ). ..
Also play dough, kinetic sand with lots of painting helps them to focus.

Writing board is added advantage but I have not purchased. My daughter has started to write slowly as she has good pencil grip due to scissors, grabber and tweezer this can be achieved with simple scooper, syringe and ink fillers.

The main point to add is avoid buying same toys twice. There is no need to buy same type of building blocks, kitchen set -up, even table just for color preference! Because old stuff end up untouched.


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