our world book

The content in non fiction children’s book is always endless, where we can explore every tiny detail in the book and keep reading for hours.

Usborne @usborne_books – ‘my very first our world book’ is such a treasure book for young readers’
This was the first book from Usbore series which we read.  Beautiful illustrations and content helps young readers even adults too

Provides introduction of how the world looks like with cities, farm, mountains, water bodies and air transport around. Then tells about planet earth, how day & night differs for people around the globe.
Then explains about change of seasons and how changes happen for countries north and south of Equator and how seasons are distributed for countries near Equator.

Then author discusses about different habitats deserts, rainforest , poles, mountains , rivers , coasts , under sea, underground. Two pages are allocated for each habitat and detailed information is provided. Extreme Catastrophic conditions – wild weather how storms happen in deserts, cold places, orgin of tornadoes are discussed. Volcanoes, earthquakes detailed illustrations helps kids to understand more about these conditions.

Also author has highlighted about the living things around us, details of cleaner energy and importance of recycling.

Best for kids above 4 years , written by Matthew Oldham & illustrated by @gorillustrator Lee Cosgrove

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