Raj’s Rule (For the Bathroom at school)

Written by Lana Button  @lanabutton & Illustrated by Hatem Aly @metahatem

Great book for kid’s from 5 years onwards.

Not every kid will be comfortable to take restroom break at school. This book helps to cope up with kids anxiety, helps help to identify fears and find a way to cope up. Raj – has one goal to avoid restroom trip & he provides suggestions to readers how to avoid restroom trips! But what happens if there is unavoidable situation? What if he has to go to restroom?

Author, with her witty writing connects with kids minds which helps them to ease out fear & anxiety. The characters of the book are so diverse which helps kids to connect them with characters.   

VZ enjoyed reading this book multiple time and was connecting with her experiences in school – when world was very normal!

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