Marble run – Magnatiles

This marble run – magna tiles is addition to VZ’s magnatiles collection for past three weeks.

Her first magnatiles are from BCP #bcpmagnetictiles brand which is of super quality nothing has broken or cracked for nearly two years. She wanted a marble run toy , I felt this magna tile marble run will actually fit perfectly with her earlier collection so more squares are always more fun. Yes both sets go perfect with each other.

The square sides of present ones contains – small holes which fits with pipes. With so much of pull and press of pipes the quality is too good, holding great for series of different setup. The only drawback is that she needs helps to connect pipes with the squares. But rest is perfect, while making a runner path is adults work.

My daughter has super fun rolling ball around and rearranging setup for her peg dolls!

Magantiles are one of great open ended toy which helps to build their
-> cognitive skills
-> fine motor skills
-> interaction with toys – helps them to improve vocabulary

This is one of Stem toy which helps young minds to explore , experiment & invent endless approach. This particular toy I would recommend for ages 5-plus as arranging pipes with squares is quite difficult, but rolling ball is fun for ages 3 and above

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