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Learning through visual representation creates positive impact among little kids in their development.

My daughter is a visual learner, she enjoys colorful images and learning through flash cards help us always. We as a family try to teach VZ cultural practices which we follow.

Teaching about religious practice is not about forcing next generation to follow the same religion but passing the practices which does not get lost over generations to generations. 

When Vichitaa from – Mihiragurukul, contacted and shared about Slokas cards, I was very happy. I have seen their cards and knew about their products through post from Vaishali @ammatoday.

This brand is  based out of India few of their products are now available in USA.


About Ganesh Kreedra: –

This game – contains 42 Slokas cards comprising four Slokas  (each sloka comes with two copies of cards ) The box also contains a booklet which explains meaning of each sloka.  All the Slokas are written in English, which  helps kids to learn  and understand meaning of each sloka. 

There are lot of games which kids can play / learn with these cards. Sorting – four slokas are color coded – kids can sort and read. This game VZ enjoys the most.

Flash cards – Separating slokas in different cards ( slokas are broken into in multiple cards ) this feature helps kids to understand where to pause and where to read continuously. These cards also helps kids to learning in visually.  Memory games, dum charades and rearranging slokas in right sequence. The illustrations are very colorful and helps kids to learn more about Gods.

My daughter has already mastered ‘Mushika Vahana’ sloka.


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