Lego – Water play – Sensory – Multipurpose Table

VZ is used to an independent table setup from two years so we have been looking to buy a good table for her.We bought this LEGO table for VZ last month. I was eyeing for similar tables for more than six months.This table is so much helpful for us, living in an apartment with no backyard and carpet home, I was finding hard to keep her engaged. She loves sensory play to that core I have not bought no special tables for playdoh or kinetic sand, rather I always keep a cloth when VZ plays with kinetic sand or playdoh. So clean up is always tough. Water play is impossible as she used to make mess !This table is extremely helpful has a flat top , which can be flipped other side for LEGO blocks. This has a storage compartment with drain lock this can be in turn used as storage for toys and also a water / sand table.

This table can be folded easily can be transported in cardboard box. With all these features I ordered this.

With this table it’s so much mess free, due to which it’s easy to put either kinetic sand / play doh /water or ice and give it to her. I need not monitor the entire time worrying about kinetic sand or water spills. As it’s movable less weight we can easily move from living room to patio too

The inner compartment has end less options where we can try shaving foam or water bead activities or ice painting etc ( yet yo explore these ). We have basic LEGO toy which works well with the LEGO tray provided. The chairs are quite strong to with stand kids weight. Two disadvantages are it’s little hard to clean up minute particles of kinetic sand and table legs are little flimsy.

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