Fun with Flash cards

Questioning time : using Flash cards during snack time – under 15 mins activity.

Age recommendations : from 2 years onwards , but can vary from kid to kid! 

Each parent will end up buying so much of flash cards in earlier years to teach simple words. Once kids learnt to talk, is the purpose of the flash cards actually done ?? Should the cards been passed to others ? Actually it’s NO you can hold on for a while until you kid really out grows! 

There is also ‘N’ numbers of ways to repurpose any educational toy / book / cards based on kids ages. Sharing few points which I try with VZ.

These activities does not require any great setup rather can be done during evening tea time. Pulling few flash card and asking series of questions to kids.


Excepting answers from kids:

Allowing them to think, get answers and framing new questions. This entire will help kids to develop better cognitive skills , better use of vocabulary and framing sentences. This whole activity can be carried upon the any language which kid is comfortable or the language which you want kid to learn better.

Open ended questions : 

Seeing a castle – you can ask how many square, triangle and circle are there ? What color is castle ? Have you seen castle ? Where ? Who lives in castle ? Can you list the characters name ? Are they real or imaginary?

Replying to kids questions: 

in this activity there will be ‘N’ number of questions which kids will to parents. We parents can’t answer all questions there is no harm to search online and reply in few seconds. Avoiding kids questions will affect their growth and development. 


Keep it simple
kids under 6 years always have less attention span so trying this activity for less than 15 mins is win win. Don’t except kid to be seated always ! VZ will be roaming around to look for new objects to show, as long as they answer it’s well and good.

Comparing two flash cards, building tent , playing memory game , copying pictures from flash cards in white paper are other activities which can also be tried.

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