Yoga Friends

This book is written by @mariam.gates -Mariam Gates & Rolf Gates . Illustrated by Sarah Jane Hinder @sarahjanehinder .

Great for ages- Four years and above.

This book is focusing on yoga and mindfulness. The illustrations of the book are much diverse which helps kids to relate with real world and connect. Author shares the importance of yoga practice and benefits. Kids can readily connect with this book as each yoga posture is done with their partner. Practicing mindfulness at very early stage helps them focus and helps them to keep calm.

Ten different yoga poster with partners practice is illustrated with vibrant colors so kids can gel with the natural environment in each page.
Each movement of yoga poster is described so well connecting to nature movement. We are reading this book for past two days, VZ and myself are trying different postures of yoga practice while reading.

She loves and enjoys doing yoga. I don’t have the habit of doing yoga but i am happy to see VZ involved. Kids actually end up correcting habits for parents.


I was not practicing yoga but started due to push from my daughter !

Reading books like this gives head-bang to parents to correct their habits and make efforts to keep their mind & body healthy! Yes, it’s time for myself to get going and practice yoga with my daughter!

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