One Hundred Bones & One Hundred Sausages

These two books are written and illustrated by Yuval Zommer @yuvalzommer is great for kids above three years.

As these two books have same characters and little connected plot thought of reviewing together. Beautiful illustrations and simple words, author takes young reader into dog world of imagination.

One Hundred Bones

This is a story about dog, Scruff who does not have human owner. His life and habits are different from other dogs who have human owners. He has friends (names with their breeds) Percy – Pug, Pixie – Poodle, Sidney – Sausage dog, Ada – Afghan.

Scruff loves to dig and roam around. One day while he was strolling in distant hills he smelled different. He started to dig. Deeper and deeper digging her found bones. He invited his dog friends for help, to dig more where they found one hundred bones.

They felt these bones are much different than ones they find in butcher shop, which led to museum trip. These dogs met Professor Dinovsky. Professor identified that these are dinosaur bones! Scruff was honored by this discovery and Professor adopted him.

One Hundred Sausages
Story beings with Scruff’s love for sausages. He wanted to eat every type of sausage from butcher store. Filled with sausage dreams he night goes off.

The crime happened in butcher store and someone had stolen one Hundred sausages. As Scruff was always behind sausages, everyone doubted him. To save himself Scruff decided to resolve the mystery, how with help of his dog friends tried roam around city to find clues to find sausages.

Matching around city with high alert with strong smell around Scruff started to dig.

He was able to find mystery van with sausages and five dogs reacted together to catch thief. They took him to police station. Mayor and the city rewarded dogs with medals. Butcher with more kindness gave sausages for dogs.

Both books have lively content which kids love reading multiple times!


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