Written by Rajiv Eipe @rajiveipe published by Pratham books @pratham.books – Storyweaver platform.

Author has expressed the life of trash collector with a setting of how his job is and how people treat the trash collector with authority. With little Salim’s behavior Author shares current generation kids on how to treat a person with empathy, dignity and humanity.

Not to disrespect a person – on means of social status, the job which they do or their financial status.

nstead being just to people around. Not all time we parents have deep discussions with kids on people around especially community helpers like trash collector and manual scavenger workers.Without their presence rest of population cannot lead a flawless life.

VZ and myself had a lot of conversions on how ‘mean’ the behavior of people towards ‘Anand’ and how little kid Salim was just at ‘Anand’ which in turn created difference ‘Anand’s’ day / mood!!A must read book present in each kid’s library to help them understand on how ‘just’ to be with people around!

Age Recommendations: Kids above ages 4.5 years can actually understand the main content of this story. This helps them to understand and be nice to people around.


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