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I am Anjali M Naik. I’m a Physiotherapy Post graduate                   (Orthopedics) by Qualification and a blogger by Passion & Mom to a 6 year old Son. 

We had shifted to Kingdom of Bahrain in 2017 when my son was around 2 years. I was a Stay at Home mother and often used to keep myself busy with DIY activities for my kid. 
In the meantime my friend pushed me to write for Momspresso and I wrote my first blog on my Motherhood journey and experience. It was well received by my family and friends and I was encouraged to write more often. I started writing Short stories and gradually even jumped into the world of Poetry. I wrote poems and Short Stories in various Facebook groups. I won many prizes and awards too. It helped me to express my pent up thoughts and emotions. 
One day in 2018 I happened to open up my dormant Instagram account and was mesmerized by the way it sparked up my creativity and imagination.
I started posting regularly about various topics such as Parenting, Motherhood, Food and recipes, Physiotherapy,etc. I really enjoyed the attention I got with whatever few followers I had.
Gradually I came in terms with the Reality of Instagram. I was bombarded with so many things and it took me a while to process the excessive information. Engagement groups, Follow for Follow Loops, Like for Likes, Shoutouts, etc where all new terminology for me. I was lost and confused but Nevertheless I decide to plunge into the unknown waters and took a risk.
I enthusiastically participated in lot of Engagement Groups, Follow Loops, etc and finally ended up almost losing my account like a fool in 2019. That’s when I realized that Instagram is a platform which if used wisely can take you to further heights otherwise will lead you to doom.
I did lot of research and hard work to know the Dos and Don’ts of Instagram blogging. I had lot of content ready which I dint want to waste. So I decided to help my fellow bloggers and especially the New Bloggers not to get misguided. I changed my Instagram Handle name and Niche overnight in 2020 and dedicated my page ( blogger_ anjali) to help new bloggers in their journey by sharing my experiences and mistakes /blunders that I had committed. 
In my opinion, there is nothing Right or Wrong on Instagram. It is all about Ethics and being True to yourself. Building Connections will help you grow and Creating Good content will definitely keep you on Top. 
My advice to new bloggers is to be Original. Be open to Experimenting. Think out of the box . Creativity is the need of the hour. Do your own Research and support your blogging Community. 

About Author :

Apart from sharing instagram tips and helping new bloggers, Anjali writes quotes, poems, and articles on diverse topics like as nature,love,wellness, parenting,motherhood,etc

 You can find her work in below pages.

Below are her social media handles.

Blog – WordPress: https://anjalimnaik.home.blog

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/WordsandVerse/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/anjalimnaik

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/blogger_anjali/

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