Janani shares her Motherhood journey – handmade gift she made for her daughter

I believe Motherhood starts from the time you decide to be a mother. The decision to become a mom gave me the flutters – one of excitement and of anxiety. I was terrified of the birthing process and had doubts about my own body. But things changed when I went through a miscarriage, it taught me how my body and mind acts during a loss. It showed me that I am stronger than I think I am. When I got pregnant for the second time I made my mental health my priority. I did things that gave me happiness, I said no to things I didn’t want to do, I set boundaries with people, I signed up for pre-natal activities to prepare my body and mind…such as yoga and massages. 
I also decided to learn to make things for my child which was my form of love language to her. It started with hand-sewn burp cloths, slowly led me to invest in a sewing machine. With every new item I stitched, I felt a little more closer to my little one. We all have our way of showing love or wanting to do something for our little one. Do reflect on what’s yours and smother your little one with LOVE.

Here are some simple things I made for my baby which were very useful in the initial year. 
– Burp Cloths
– Plush Blankets
– Sensory Bean bags
– Car seat cover
– Quiet book
About Author :

Janani Viswanathan is from Sunnyvale, California. She currently works as an Environmental safety professional. She enjoys singing and learning new crafts.  

While she was on a break from work a couple of years ago, lead working with lots of women around which resulted  her becoming the co-creator of Project #NoMoreNirbhaya in Chennai, India. This initiative aims to create safer public spaces for women.

Their team teaches free self-defence sessions for school and college girls. They’ve also conducted gender sensitivity training for bus drivers and conductors and safety audits to rate which parts of the city as safe or unsafe.

She also works as a Crisis Counselor at Crisis Text Line- helping people in crisis over text and is an active domestic violence advocate at a South Asian organization based in Bay Area and a certified California Domestic Violence Survivor Counselor. She hopes more people will be encouraged to support organizations that are taking action to make India a safer place for all.


In Picture : Janani Viswanathan

Instagram id : @zanyajan

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