A Musical Road Trip

A Musical Road Trip 

Written by Shyama Panikkar @surtaalmasti illustrated by Lotta Farber – Gitanjali Sukumar @lottafarber
This book tells about journey of Tara with her family where she explores nature & in-turn getting mesmerized in music around her. While traveling she tries to keenly listen to birds & animals around. Then she tries to connect with nature!

Author with her energetic words shares the happiness which Tara hard when she meets animals & birds. The warmth which animals shared with humans is beautifully portrayed in this book. Illustrations are unique focused only on main characters Tara & the animal / bird she meets. This helps readers to connect exactly with Tara moods and how she enjoys chanting music! 

She practices – ‘SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI ‘ seven notes which she explored from animals & birds. Authors shares readers that notes of music are originated from sounds of nature. Through this book author asks readers to keenly observe nature and get immersed with it! .

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