An Egg is Quiet & A Beetle is Shy

These two books are written & Illustrated by Dianna Aston @diannaaston & Sylvia Long 

 An Egg is Quiet :  A book where author and illustrator have shared a lot about Egg- what happens inside eggs, how an living thing grows inside egg, it’s size , texture ,parenting exhibited by animals , birds , insects & the various types of eggs. 

We can learn about dinosaur fossils too.  We enjoyed         i-spying the egg and it’s adult – birds , insects ,sea animals which spread across initial & last page of book ! 

A Beetle is Shy : In this book , we can read and understand about types of beetles it’s existence across the world geographically, it’s size , it’s texture , habitats of beetle ( water & land ) , categorization mainly friendly , harmful & poisonous beetles.

Getting to read the names of beetle keep us occupied.

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